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CGT began when Executive Director Laura Scott Welch saw that there was a great need for a multitude of resources, yet people in the community did not know where to look or how to find them. She also saw that many people had to tell their story, explain their situation multiple times, and were redirected to different departments with no real solution to be found. This left clients frustrated and with no real solution.

This is where CGT comes in to alleviate a lot of this. CGT is dedicated to bridge nonprofits, higher education, volunteers, and other service providers together to create positive change. CGT aims to expedite solutions by utilizing our current resources, and expand those resources in a fashion that promotes growth and development. Clients will only have to tell their story once and--no matter what the issue--will always be given a resource. No client is ever turned away.

Together, we will bring a new meaning to "create better outcomes for all"!

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Serving Minnesota Communities

When the variables change, so does the outcome. Thinking outside the box and viewing the big picture, it only makes sense to create a platform that aids organizations to continue providing their unique niche of services. CGT will do so with a one-of-a-kind collaboration tool.

CGT is in the process of building a collaborative tool so multiple services can be provided in the most effective way. This is a win-win for both seeker and provider. While we are working towards this platform, rest assured we are still able and willing to help.

No Judgement, Accessable to all

Service For Everyone

Asking for help is troublesome and let's face it... it can be overwhelming! Where do I begin? How do I begin? Who do I call? Making multiple phone calls and appointments can cause barriers and a delayed needed result.

CGT we will take the time to listen, hear you and look outside the box to help eliminate those barriers so you can obtain the right resources first time around.

Please know we are not here to judge, but to provide you the respect you deserve. CGT will not turn anyone away.

Our Team

Laura Scott Welch

Executive Director

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